What does a Lifestyle Coordinator do in Aged Care?

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What does a Lifestyle Coordinator do in Aged Care?

What does a Lifestyle Coordinator do in Aged Care?

A Lifestyle Coordinator is a key part of a residents’ daily life. The lifestyle coordinator develops a program curriculum and events for residents living within an aged care residence and is responsible for building a unique calendar of activities that align with the resident’s interests and hobbies.

The role requires the lifestyle coordinator to organise and plan activities and experiences, working closely alongside other teams to provide the best experience possible for residents. This can include themed cultural days or celebrations in the year. Lifestyle Coordinators need to be energetic and outgoing, leading and collaborating with others in order to bring their vision to life. They must also have the ability to make even the smallest moments matter in a resident’s lives, providing a friendly smile, compassionate ear and be a trusted person that the resident can rely on to make a positive difference to their day.

What does a Lifestyle Coordinator do?

A Lifestyle Coordinator duties will include, but are not limited to:

  • Establish a positive, supportive and encouraging line of communication with each Resident and their next of kin, in order to produce a Lifestyle Assessment and Care Plan that is reflective of the Residents’ interests and abilities.
  • Be responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating individual Lifestyle Care Plans (initial and ongoing according) and mentoring the Lifestyle team in how best to implement this for each resident.
  • Identify a variety of entertainment options (internal and external within an agreed budget) and incorporate into a monthly site program. Confidently promote the Lifestyle program with other site team and external stakeholders.
  • Develop positive relationships with other care team, Volunteers and the Pastoral Care team in order to ensure a comprehensive, compassionate and holistic approach to the social, emotional and cultural wellbeing of each resident.
  • Ensure the team and activities function with a clear awareness of the organisation’s OH&S policies and any risk or potential hazards to employees or residents are addressed immediately.
  • Ensure the efficient usage of resources to enable the delivery of a variety of programs aimed at providing care to residents.

How do you become a Lifestyle Coordinator?

To become a Lifestyle Coordinator, you will need to enrol in a Certificate IV in Ageing Support. This course provides the practical skills needed to work with elderly people including supporting people with dementia and maintaining relationships with carers.

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