Understanding Disability, Mental Health and the NDIS

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Understanding Disability

Almost everyone, at some stage in their life, experiences some form of disability. This means that a person’s activities are restricted in some way. For example, a leg injury may lead to restricted mobility.

It is important to always remember that people with disabilities have equal rights under the law and equal access to housing and job opportunities.

Understanding Mental Health

Mental health refers to a person’s psychological, emotional and social well-being. Our mental health is as important as our physical health.

It is important to talk as openly about mental health as we do about our physical health.

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NDIS Services

We provide culturally appropriate and relevant care and support services.

Tendercare Disability Services!

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We created TenderCare Disability Services to deliver quality care to people of diverse linguistic and cultural origins. Our fully-trained support workers foster an empowering and inclusive working environment that gives complete choice and independence to our clients.

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